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How to Write Cinquain Poems – Five Line Poems

Cinquain Poems

There are two formulas for writing cinquain poems. One formula is for the number of syllables per line, and the other formula is for the types of words, actions, and feelings to incorporate into the poems.

  • Line 1 – two syllables
  • Line 2 – four syllables
  • Line 3 – six syllables
  • Line 4 – eight syllables
  • Line 5 – two syllables

Though I did not strictly adhere to this second formula, I kept it top of mind when writing my cinquain poems.

  • Line 1 – one word for topic
  • Line 2 – two words to describe the topic
  • Line 3 – three words to describe actions relating to the topic
  • Line 4 – words that describe feelings relating to the topic
  • Line 5 – one word that is another word for the topic [source]

Here are two cinquain poems I have authored:

Her nails
scratch the blackboard.
Our skin crawls and inverts.
So shrill! The noise cracks window glass.

* * * * *

My love,
Were he to know my heart,
would he reciprocate or not?

* * * * *

There are many variations on cinquain poems. Choose a style that suits you.

5 thoughts on “How to Write Cinquain Poems – Five Line Poems”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate knowing this format for trying new things. Your poetry is just beautiful.

    I had to take a try at this myself, so here goes…


    Strong as an ox.

    Herculean little man.

    My two year old in his toybox.



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