Verse and Rhyme

Cento Poem – A Poem that Stitches Lines

Cento Poem
A Cento poem is easy to create. A Cento is created by stitching the lines of other poems together to form a brand new poem. Each line must come from a different poetic source.

Below you’ll find a short Cento I’ve created and the source for each line of poem.

* * * *

Down at the water’s edge, at the place, (Bishop)
I dream no more but stare at a hole. (Garrigue)
I’ve spent the last days, furthermore, (Merrill)
surprised at the earth. (Merwin)
I am alive – I guess. (Dickinson)

* * * * *

Line 1 – Elizabeth Bishop » At the Fishhouses
Line 2 – Jean Garrigue » Dialog
Line 3 – James Merrill » Lost in Translation
Line 4 – W.S. Merwin » For the Anniversary of My Death
Line 5 – Emily Dickinson » I am alive – I guess

* * * * *

Get Started:

  1. Make the writing project more challenging:
    • Make your poem rhyme
    • Make your poem longer than ten lines
    • Make sure there is a nice rhythm
    • Make tenses agree
    • Make sure the poem is written all in first person or third person
  2. Give credit to the poets. Include their name next to the line quoted.

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