Keep Handmade Toys Free from Testing

Handmade Toy Alliance
Handmade Toy Alliance

I learned about this nasty testing situation today when visiting Angry Chicken. I think you will all agree that the current drive for mandatory testing for all handmade toys made for kids under 12 to be overkill and a threat to artists and crafters across our country.

Please take some time to learn what you can do to prevent this unnecessary regulation.

1 thought on “Keep Handmade Toys Free from Testing”

  1. That’s crazy, isn’t it? Is this a EU law? Bonkers. My girlfriend makes all kinds of things and whilst she doesn’t yet sell them it would have been nice for her to have done so in the future.

    Oh, this is Tom from BM, by the way. I accidentally deleted my blog last weekend – don’t ask. Luckily I had it backed up but the name has gone forever! Gaarrr! I’ve popped a link to you in my new home 🙂


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