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Easy Crochet Openwork Scarf

easy double crochet scarfThis is an easy scarf to make. What is best is that you can adapt any scarf pattern: gauge, yarn, and hook size are not critical. You can experiment!

The pattern for this scarf can be found at Lion BrandCrochet Openwork Scarf.

Note: I altered the pattern. Rather than 24 chains to start, I started with 25. The pattern didn’t seem to work itself out with 24; also, someone more experienced than me suggested this additional chain.

The yarn is a discontinued yarn (Ardore) from Trendsetter Yarns, which I picked up on sale at Tuesday Morning. Tuesday Morning has beautiful discontinued yarn from time to time. Next time you are in the store, look around for the craft section and see if there is something you’d like to use to knit/crochet a project.

I felt the scarf was incomplete without edging. The pattern for the edging can be found in I Love Crochet by Rachel Henderson & Sarah Hazell. This book has a lot of cool, easy crochet patterns.

Easy to crochet scarf