List Poem or Catalog Poem

List PoemA list poem, also called a catalog poem, consists of an itemization of things or events. List poems can rhyme or not, and they can be of any length. Walt Whitman, Gertrude Stein, and Allen Ginsberg wrote poems that included lists or poems that were lists. Read Ginsberg’s Howl to see how he used descriptive, repetitive verse and also because you should! Everyone should! The phrasing and speed of his poem will keep you awake and reading.

I’ve written a short list poem for you to peruse.

Animals Are Preferable

Animals are preferable to people because they do not drive,
nor do they smoke, nor do they connive.
Animals are preferable to people because they do not blather
on and on about things that don’t matter.
Animals are preferable to people because they do not gossip,
nor do they gloat, nor strive to “make it.”
Animals are preferable to people because they do not waste
time, nor money, nor my patience.

Found Poem – It’s Easy to Create Your Own

Create a Found Poem by turning the mundane into something interesting. Re-frame words, phrases, and whole passages found on a page of a book. Loving books as I do, I’d suggest you choose a book found on shelves at a thrift store. If someone didn’t love a book enough to keep it, it’s likely a good one to use for this project. Be creative. You don’t have to block out text like I did. Find a unique way to highlight the text you want as part of your Found Poem.

Found Poem
Versifying the Vanilla

This found poem reads as follows:

I am talking about
chains          of gold
chains all the same
interrupted          comfort and calm
to lose          us
not seeing          without any sense
this is almost incomprehensible
this fabric
It’s so difficult
a need of you.

The Shack, ISBN: 978-0-9647292-3-0
Publisher: Windblown Media; 1st edition (July 1, 2008)
Page 124

Writing Haiku Poetry

After reading some Haiku at A Haiku for No One, I’m inspired to write a few Haiku poems of my own (5-7-5 syllable format). It’s pretty easy. Why don’t you follow the formula and write a few poems?

Head Trip

I’m having a dream.
It is a lucid fancy.
Here I am with you.

* * * * *

A sun beam breaks through
a bracket of plump marshmallows.
The gray cat sunbathes.