Free Knitting Patterns for Dog Sweaters – Six Options

My mother asked me to knit a dog sweater for Dougie, their pug-bulldog mix. So, my search began and I found several free knitting patterns for dog sweaters that I like a lot. There may be something here that you’d like to knit for your dog.

Key to the free knitting patterns for dog sweaters:

  1. Drops Design Knitted Dog Sweater
  2. I-Matey Dog Coat
  3. Turtle-Neck Dog Sweater
  4. Rainbow Dog Sweater
  5. The Boyfriend Dog Sweater
  6. Dog Hooded Coat

I have never knitted anything for a dog, so this will be an interesting project. Dougie has a really wide chest. I think I’ll have to adjust whatever pattern I choose. Also, I’ll need to choose a durable and washable yarn. I like the sweater with the hood; it’s funny to think of a dog wearing a hoody. Once I’ve completed my project, I’ll be sure to post a picture of Dougie in his new jumper!

Happy Knitting!

free knitting patterns for dog sweaters


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Easy to Knit Lace Shawl

easy to knit lace shawl

I finally finished this easy to knit lace shawl that I plan to wear when I go to the symphony / opera / theater. Of course, I won’t be able to wear it until fall because the yarn fiber makes one very toasty. The Magic Shawl pattern was designed by the Knitting Fairy and you can find it on Ravelry. I knitted the large shawl (gauge will differ, depending on the yarn). I love its length and how it wraps around me so nicely.  I added glass beads down the center knit stitches (crochet method). Since I was using stash yarn, I did not have enough to knit the trim indicated in the pattern, but I did have enough yarn to crochet a picot edge (3 chain picot and single crochet in every stitch around the edge).

The pattern is very basic and uses yarn overs at each end and in the center of each row. I knitted the shawl on size 10 needles to add air to the pattern. You can use smaller needles if you want a tighter “weave.” The yarn I used is S. Charles Collezione Ritratto. It’s really a beautiful yarn (53% Rayon; 28% Mohair; 10% Nylon (Polyamide); 9% Polyester). I really like the color.

easy to knit lace shawl with glass beads
Glass beads were added to the two knit stitches at the center of the shawl (used crochet method to add beads).


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Pink Knitting Projects – In the Pink

pink knitting projects
The year is almost at a close, and it went by very rapidly in my opinion. The older I get, the faster the years fly by. I thought today I would wish every visitor, those new and those who frequent ImagineMechanix, a Happy New Year! May it be one that has you “in the pink.” In other words, may you be in very good health and in good spirits in 2014. Of course, it always helps to knit! I found some lovely pink knitting projects that you might want to take a closer look at. There may be something above that you’d like to knit up for yourself or someone else.

Key to the knitting projects above:

a. Orchid Cowl – free pattern on Ravelry
b. Pink Ribbon Washcloth (Breast Cancer Awareness) – free pattern on Ravelry
c. Pink Tulip Patch Blanket – $3.50 pattern on Ravelry
d. Pink Phoenix Shawl – $6.00 pattern on Ravelry
e. Pink Home Slippers – $4.99 pattern on Ravelry
f. Knitted Neckwarmer – Blog and Etsy

I wish everyone the best of health! Oh, and don’t forget to stop by next year.


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Sock Yarn Scarf Pattern

Some time ago, I knitted a hat using sock yarn. I have long wanted a matching scarf, but not the typical, long, rectangular scarf.

I found this sock yarn scarf pattern on Ravelry (skipped the edging instructions) and the result is that now I have a soft, warm triangular scarf that matches my hat, including the pom-poms.

sock yarn scarf pattern

Hats and scarfs made with sock yarn are very soft. I think it’s more than the yarn fiber that makes the scarf feel cuddly. I also think the tiny size of the stitches (size 2 needles used) have something to do with it. While it may take awhile longer to knit a garment with sock yarn, it is well worth the time and effort. The sock yarn I used: 3 skeins of Premiere Yarns Serenity Sock Weight Prints.

I really like how long, triangular scarves wrap. I like the cowl-like neck and the tapered ends. Think about adding this type of scarf to your collection!

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Cardigan Knitting Pattern – Easy to Knit Cropped Raglan Sweater

cardigan knitting patternThis cardigan knitting pattern from Lion Brand (also listed on the Ravelry site) is easy to make using Aran / 10 ply (8 wpi) yarn or something very similar. The cropped raglan cardigan pattern suggests using Lion Organic Cotton. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Solids, Heathers & Twists (099 Fisherman). I picked up the yarn at JoAnn. You can get information about the gauge, needles, and more on the Lionbrand site and also on my Ravelry notebook page for the cardigan.

sweater1I really like the raglan shaping using eyelets (yarn overs). It adds a nice decorative detail.

The cardigan is worked back and forth on a circular needle (per my gauge test – I used size 8) in one piece from the neck down. Ribbing is picked up and knit along front edges to finish (size 7).

I like this pattern so much, I’m thinking of knitting another cardigan in a dark color. One always needs a white/ivory sweater and a black sweater in their wardrobe.


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