Free Knitted Bunny Patterns | Knitting Pattern Bunny

It’s the Easter season and that means bunnies, chicks, and lambs. Choose one of these free knitted bunny patterns and knit an Easter rabbit for a child or yourself. I love knitted and crocheted toys. Often it is hard to part with a handmade critter after they are made. A bit of the maker’s heart and soul goes into the animal, wouldn’t you say?

Free Knitted Bunny Patterns

Your guide to the free knitted bunny patterns above:

  1. Big Cuddly Bunny
  2. Bunny Nuggets
  3. Knitted Bunny Pattern (made from a knitted square – even a beginning knitter can make this bunny)
  4. Bouncy Bunny Sock Critter (on Lionbrand website, you may need to create a login if don’t already have one)
  5. Rabbit
  6. Edmund Bunny
  7. Knit Bunny
  8. Very Tiny Bunny and Very Tiny Bunny Clothes
  9. Knitted Rabbits

Here is a bonus link – Tiny Baby Bunnies

Happy Knitting and Easter too!

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